Comfortable care at home hospice for increased quality of life

Available Hospice Services

Skilled Nursing

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Registered Nurses provide individualized care and case management in multiple areas including diagnosis specific education in coordination with your physician, intravenous therapy, wound care, pain management, medication management, and nutritional teaching.

Physician Care

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Our hospice physicians specialize in comfort and palliative care.  They serve as medical directors who will oversee all the care offered to each patient, providing necessary changes to medications and treatment as the patient progresses through stages of their diagnosis.

Nursing Assistants

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Our Hospice aides work in coordination with the patient, clinician, and physician to foster independence and safety in the areas of personal care. Hospice aides can assist with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, toileting, and light meal prep/housekeeping.


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The chaplain will provide spiritual care, with a focus on whatever the patient feels is a priority.  Our chaplains are not limited to a single religious denomination, and can offer spiritual benefit whatever (if any) faith the patient may be associated with.

Social Work

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Social Workers consult with both the patient and their family regarding financial needs, emotional support, adjustment to illness, and provide the link between patients, their families and community resources.


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Valeo Hospice volunteers are essential to our organization and the people we serve. Our volunteers can provide companionship, offer to assistance with services such as lawn care, running errands, writing life histories, reading, etc, and performance of tasks in our inpatient facility such as administrative tasks. By becoming a hospice volunteer, you can gain personal satisfaction from knowing that you have made an impact in another person’s life.

About Hospice Care

Hospice is a philosophy of care for individuals and their families who are faced with a life limiting illness. Hospice neither hastens nor postpones death but is focused on quality of life. Studies have shown that oftentimes those admitted to hospice may live longer with a better quality of life due to focus on symptom management and comfort versus cure. Our hospice staff incorporates medical, emotional, physical and spiritual care for the patient and the family. Support will be offered during bereavement and beyond.

Bereavement and Grief

Grief may be a normal process of reacting to significant changes in one’s life. Bereavement involves learning how to live with the change caused by the loss of a loved one. Grief is a unique and individual experience that may cause changes to one’s physical, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual well-being. The grief process takes time and Valeo’s bereavement program will be there to offer as much or as little support as your loved ones need.

Our bereavement support program is offered to patients families for up to 13 months after the death of a loved one.

Our Care Doesn’t Stop

Many individuals wonder what happens after a loved one passes on. At Valeo, we recognize the importance of the grieving process, and host annual “celebration of life” events for the families we care for.

Let Us Help You


Call Us for a Quick 10 Min Chat

(801) 639-0020
Speak with a qualified clinician to assess the condition of a loved one and brief medical history.

Schedule Nursing Evaluation

Schedule a time for one of our qualified clinicians to come to your home to determine eligibility and answer questions.

Receive Care

If you feel that hospice care is right for your loved one, you can begin receiving clinicians in your home to provide the services they are eligible to receive.


Valeo Hospice volunteers are essential to our organization and the people we serve. By becoming a hospice volunteer, you can gain personal satisfaction from knowing that you have made an impact in another person’s life.  Below are few examples of ways volunteers have helped make a difference.

Lawn Care

Running Errands

Writing Life Histories


Inpatient Facility Help

Administrative Tasks

Music Therapy

Playing Games

If interesting in applying to volunteer, use the submission form on our Careers page, and specify “Volunteer” in the “Desired Position” field.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my doctor has referred me to another agency?

The agency you choose to use is 100% patient choice, so we encourage you to do your own research before deciding who to use.

How do I know if my loved one is appropriate for hospice care?

Hospice eligiblity is determined by a qualified provider during an in-person assessment. In general, hospice patients have seen a recent decline in health and are no longer interested in frequent, regular hospital visits.

Who pays for the service?

Hospice is covered by Medicare 100%. 

Why should I choose Valeo Hospice?

Valeo has a caring team that is qualified and experienced in end-of-life care. We will do everything in our power to ensure your loved one is comfortable and free of pain. We bring essential healthcare services to you, so they can enjoy life at home, rather than in and out of a hospital.

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