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Assisted Living Des Moines

Assisted Living Des Moines

Kennybrook Village is a preeminent assisted living in Des Moines with short-term rehab and long-term care options. With the finest amenities and luxury accommodations, our residents lead a fulfilling and gratifying life in a state-of-the-art facility.

Why we're the best assisted living facility in Des Moines

We are a licensed senior living community with spacious private and semi-private rooms. Our team of experienced chefs offers meal preparation services and uses fresh produce to create delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner for our residents.

Our facility ensures two different types of assisted living accommodation: evergreen and ficus. Evergreen is a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom 547 sq. ft. accommodation and costs $4,375 a month. Our ficus apartment is a two bed, two bath 793 sq. ft. space, costing $5,500 a month.

Different types of continuing care retirement community contracts

The type of contract you sign with a continuing care retirement community will determine the price. The three common types of contracts include:

  1. Fee-for-Service contracts - You only pay for the services you use while living at an assisted living nursing in IA. While it comes with the lowest enrollment fees, you may have to pay for skilled nursing and assisted living costs at market rates in the future.
  2. Extensive contracts - It includes everything, such as housing, amenities, residential services, and long-term care. The contract will provide all the assistance you need, but it involves the highest upfront costs.
  3. Modified contracts - Under this arrangement, you will receive care only for a specific number of days. Once you go beyond the specified period, you will pay out of pocket for additional services.

Each type of CCRC contract comes with its own set of risks and merits. Choose a Des Moines, IA assisted living that offers a contract type that best fits your needs and budget.

How to pay for assisted living?

A one-bedroom assisted living apartment can cost anywhere between $2,000 and $4,500, with an additional $200 to $2,000 per month for private rooms and care-related expenses. If you do not have enough reserves or savings to pay for assisted living, there are several other ways to cover the cost of lodging at one of these communities, such as:

  1. Medicare 

If you are over 65, Medicare Part A allows you to pay to stay at a skilled nursing facility or rehab and memory care services. Medicare does not provide long-term care, and you will have to make alternative arrangements before your nursing home allowance runs out.

  1. Medicaid

Medicaid is a government-sponsored insurance plan for those who fall under the low-income category. Medicaid covers some of the costs of care at an assisted living care in Des Moines.

3.Long-term care insurance

Long-term care insurance covers the expenses of extended stay at an assisted living community. It also covers the cost of memory care and nursing and physical rehab.

Contact Kennybrook Village at 515-369-3900 to schedule a tour around our assisted living in Des Moines. Our senior living community offers a serene and tranquil environment for older adults to lead their retirement life in peace. With a dedicated staff team, we help our seniors lead a self-reliant, healthy, and fulfilling life.

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