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Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost Costa Rica

Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost Costa Rica

A bigger percentage of dental patients prefer implant-supported dentures or full mouth implants. These implants have incredible strength and do not require the use of adhesives like traditional dentures. The dentist will recommend this option when the patient has a row of missing teeth because the process is only useable with the absence of several teeth

Full mouth dental implants in Costa Rica are the only way to restore the functionality and appearance of healthy natural teeth. The treatment consists of placing six to eight implants on the upper jaw and six implants on the lower one.

How many implants are needed for a full mouth?

Restoring the entire lower and upper jaw in one bridge may require six dental implants. A full mouth implant will include the following parts:

  • Fabrication of fixed temporary bridges
  • Four to six implants on the lower jaw
  • Durable and natural-looking porcelain teeth
  • Placement of six to eight teeth on the upper jaw
  • A diagnostic process that may take several weeks, and usually includes X-Rays, mock-ups, CT scans, and virtual planning

Full mouth dental implants in Costa Rica require the use of screws or cement to keep the implants in place. The screws have a firm attachment to a large bridge and usually go directly to the bridge but have a covering of tooth-colored composite resin to retain an invisible appeal.

How much does it cost to get a full mouth of dental implants in Costa Rica?

Full mouth implants are very similar to dentures but they cost more because of the supplementary procedures associated with the installation and maintenance. The cost should be inclusive of the preparatory and aftercare processes because each process has a pricing attachment.

Full-mouth dental implants in the USA and Canada may cost between $35,000 and $60,000. Costa Rica prices are lower because dentists may use alternative materials in place of the original ones.

Each patient has a unique dental structure, even when everyone requires a full mouth dental implant. You must get feedback from our practice about whether you will cater to the implantation of thirty-two individual teeth.

Why Dr. Bernal Soto has high-quality affordable implants

Our dental practice saves North American clients up to sixty percent on savings. We have a highly professional team that retains the standards of world-class procedures and a well-equipped office that smoothens the installation process.

Our office takes advantage of its location in Costa Rica to offer clients the same prices as other competitive dentistry practices in the area. We take care of every step of the procedure and ensure that clients have the best chance of regaining a healthy smile. More so, our dentist has the same training as a European or American dentist because he attended the same school and underwent the same qualification standards.

Visiting our office from the US is an incredibly affordable alternative because you will not spend as much on booking accommodation, buying food and covering the dental procedure. Our office takes it further by helping you acquire VIP services on United Airlines and excursions to ease your stay in Costa Rica.

Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost Costa Rica

The Most Affordable Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost in Costa Rica

Dental implants If you are missing all of our natural teeth, one of the limited options available to you is getting full mouth dental implants. While there are cheaper ways to replace lost teeth like bridges and dentures, these alternatives can be uncomfortable. They can also put you in an awkward situation, especially if you don’t want people to know you do not have real teeth. There is no sense of taking out ...
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Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost Costa Rica

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