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Home Health Care Utah

Home Health Care Utah

Valeo Home Health & Hospice is a credible and well-renowned hospice agency that offers the best home health care in Utah. We offer skilled nursing services, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy as a part of our home health services. 

What is home-based health care?

Home health care helps patients suffering from life-limiting conditions and individuals recovering from an injury, surgery, or illness with the best medical care and support. Some of the services offered to patients as a part of home health care include personal care, physiotherapy, speech and occupational therapy, medication management, counseling, wound care, etc.

Home-based health care aims to help patients lead a comfortable, safe, and pain-free life. This way, the patients feel more peaceful and secure as they get to heal and recover in the comfort of their homes and the presence of their friends and loved ones. Furthermore, individuals with full-time jobs may find it extremely challenging to take care of their ill or injured loved ones 24 hours a day. In such cases, having a skilled home aide takes care of your loved one can put your mind at peace while you are at work. We offer the best home health care in Utah at affordable prices.

Benefits of home health care to seniors

Most families lean towards home health care over skilled nursing homes as it allows them to spend more time with their loved ones. It is also a safe, affordable, and practical solution for both the seniors and their families as they get to heal, recover, and spend their retirement life in the comfort of their own home and community. Some of the other benefits of home health care include:

  • A skilled home aide offers round the clock personal care, medical support, and assistance with performing daily activities to seniors. 
  • Patients and their families feel safer when there is a health care staff at the beck and call to help in case of emergencies.
  • Home health care also offers seniors with counseling and spiritual guidance from chaplains, ministers, and social workers to help them embrace reality and attain peace of mind.

We are among the few agencies to offer home health care to both seniors as well as patients recovering from an injury, illness, or surgery. We aim to help patients and seniors attain maximum independence through a variety of treatments, therapies, and education.

Cost of home health care

The cost of home health care can vary depending upon the number of hours you need a home aide. The kind of services you require from the health care staff can also affect the price you pay for home health care. On average, the cost of home health care can range between $3,000 and $5,000 per month. The hourly cost of home health care ranges from $20 - $30 an hour.

Call Valeo Home Health & Hospice today for more details on our home health care in Utah. Our team of skilled and compassionate home health aides offers the best personal care, wound care, and medication management services to elderly and patients battling from long-term illnesses.

Home Health Care Utah
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Home Health Care Utah
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Home Health Care Utah