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Alcohol Rehab Maine

Many people are stuck in the trenches of drug abuse because no one can help them face themselves. It takes catastrophic results like a job loss for most people to identify a substance abuse problem. The worst cases have massive financial and legal ramifications and incarceration. Many people who end up in jail are repeat offenders who are on the verge of death. Fortunately, there are evident signs that will prevent all these downward spiral effects when to help the victim get a better chance of life by attending Maine alcohol rehab treatment centers.

Signs you or your loved one needs alcohol rehab in Maine.

Lost control

Many people take prescription drugs to ward off a minor body discomfort. A loved one that tips the scale to drug use will consume these substances excessively. They will depend on these drugs to get through the day and likely develop a strong tolerance to trigger more drug use. Loss of control is looking like you spend more time looking and comparing the next most potent drug. These substances become a priority that leads to other derogatory habits.

Different persona

Your loved one will develop new habits and reactions due to drug use. The individual will seem sedated or full of an odd amount of energy. Drug use often leads one to lose interest in hobbies and social activities. Some people will get so entangled in drug use that they lose their job or have a massive drop in school grades before finding a need for inpatient rehab centers in Maine.

Money problems

Some people joke that cocaine addiction is reserved for the rich. Drug use is an expensive habit that will drain away savings and earnings to cause massive debts. Money problems become evident when the addict starts to steal from or lie about their expenditures.

Physical signs

Long-term substances weaken the immune system and cause adverse effects on the body. One is likely to get sick from the damaging use of drugs. The most common signs of a debilitating drug habit include the following:

  • Dilated pupils
  • Flushed skin
  • Scars from injections
  • Nosebleeds
  • Burn marks
  • Skin sores
  • Heart problems
  • Withdrawal symptoms like excessive sweating and shaking

Prolonged drug use damages a person’s mental health. Some people will display aggression, hallucinations, and psychosis without proper drug and alcohol addiction services.


Alcohol and drug use changes how one behaves and acts. It is normal to have the worst thoughts and indulge in harmful habits like unprotected sex and driving under the influence. The person who struggles with substance will choose inappropriate ways to live life, such as abandoning a child to feed their drug habit.

Live Free gives you, and your loves one a non-judgmental and safe space to recover. You can get them away from the stress that triggered the addiction by admitting them to an inpatient program of top rehab centers in Maine. We have a strict and considerate program to remove distractions and triggers that instigate a relapse.

ME drug rehabs use various therapies and behavior modification approaches to address severe addiction issues. We apply professional and realistic methods to ensure your loved one has an individualized recovery. Talk to us to verify your insurance or get in-depth details of our alcohol rehab in Maine.


Alcohol Rehab Maine
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