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Teen Alcohol Detox

Teen Alcohol Detox

Aside from the obvious problems associated with alcohol dependency, it can affect still-developing teens' brain growth. One significant way to tackle alcohol addiction is to seek help very early in life. Most times, young adults find it difficult to abstain by will alone, especially when withdrawal syndrome kicks in. Thus, Teen alcohol detox is the first step. Here's everything you need to know about our teen alcohol detox program.

Can teens be addicted to alcohol?

Addiction is a dangerous habit that takes time to form around an activity, substance use, or abuse. While alcohol isn't treated legally as a controlled substance like most illicit substances, the process and effects of its addiction can be as severe. There are hypotheses that alcohol acts as an antidepressant, although it's a chief depressant.

Misled, depressed teens may turn towards drinking as a means to treat their depression, but it only worsens the condition instead of curing it. So beyond recreational use and social drinking activity that teenagers are likely to indulge in, they may unwittingly get tricked into a lifetime of addiction. Compared to grown-ups, teens are more likely to suffer more from alcohol-related damage.

Our Process

When people mention detox, the first thing that comes to mind is usually hard, illicit drugs. Suppose you're a teen or have a teenage child struggling with alcoholism; in that case, it's ideal to seek a center for drug and alcohol rehabilitation for teenagers, specializing in addiction treatment for teens.

Our Vision

Our core values are honor, unity, sacrifice, transparency, legacy, excellence, and fun! We believe in teens and young adults' capacity to transform their society when they're provided with an enabling environment to flourish or heal in case of a breakdown. Thus, teen drug rehab isn't just a job; it's a calling for us.

This approach alone is what makes Clearfork Academy unrivaled among Fort Worth adolescent rehabilitation centers. We believe that the healing process must incorporate detox, especially for teens and young adults who may be bewildered about their condition or even reserved to discuss it openly.

To this end, we have arranged an individualized detox plan, strictly supervised by medical professionals, to ensure quick recovery and transition to the residential program if the condition demands it.

Our Team

Our rehab center for teens in Fort Worth assembles the finest team of medical professionals who will individually tailor the detox process for the teenager. The team comprises several recovery coaches, a clinical director, and a director of operations. They have a rich history and background in clinical counseling, mental health disorder, group counseling, chemical dependency, and intensive outpatient program.

Apart from the expertise they bring to their profession, they have first-hand experiences about life issues that often lure teens into the snare of alcohol addiction. Some of them had battled and triumphed over addiction for a long time and have remained sober for years. Contact Clearfork Academy for the best professional treatment available: 866-650-5212.


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