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Inpatient Treatment For Drugs Anaheim

Inpatient Treatment For Drugs Anaheim

If you’re a victim of drug addiction, you need inpatient treatment for drugs in Anaheim. At Star Recovery Centers, we have treated numerous people dealing with different addiction forms and degrees. Our experience has taught us that inpatient treatment is a vital component of the recovery process, without which you can’t have long-term sobriety or prevent relapse over the years.

The best drug rehab treatment

No matter the type of addiction you’re dealing with, you cannot recover and heal successfully without undergoing some form of inpatient care. The inpatient program, combined with outpatient treatment and aftercare services, delivers the best long-term results, helping patients:

  • Regain their mental and emotional stability
  • Improve their lifestyles considerably
  • Adopt long-term relapse prevention strategies
  • Become more responsible, confident, and socially active
  • Improve their nutrition and workout routine
  • Grow more positive and confident in themselves
  • Fix their family and job-related problems
  • Work towards a better career, etc.

The inpatient treatment is a personal development program, where patients undergo therapy, counseling, and group meetings to promote introspection, honesty, and accountability. Our inpatient treatment at our center relies on a variety of medical and psychiatric procedures to stabilize patients and help them recover physically, psychologically, and spiritually. These include:

  • Medication-Assisted Therapy (MAT) – Using medication to tackle withdrawal, minimize cravings, ensure optimal cognitive functioning, and address co-occurring mental disorders.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – Dealing with harmful and negative thinking patterns and emotions. CBT is a critical component of our inpatient treatment for drugs in Anaheim.
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) – Dealing with suicidal thoughts, mental health disorders, and addiction-related behavioral changes.
  • Experiential Therapies – Experiential therapies promote wellbeing and a healthy state of mind and spirit. This program includes group recreational activities like hiking, movie outings, nature trips, workout, meditation, yoga, etc.

Is inpatient treatment painful?

There’s no denying that the rehabilitation process involves some level of pain and discomfort, especially in those dealing with aggravated addiction. The symptoms you will experience during the detox and stabilization phase vary depending on multiple factors. These include the withdrawal’s severity, the substance you’re using, how advanced your addiction is, the type and severity of the co-occurring disorders, etc.

The situation is even worse when attempting to detox alone, at home, without professional help. We recommend inpatient treatment at our recovery center in Anaheim for minimum discomfort during the rehab process. This will allow you to recover faster, experience minimum cravings, and control the withdrawal symptoms throughout the treatment.

Find the best inpatient treatment for drugs in Anaheim

Our facility is the ideal destination if you’re looking to join the most effective and reliable inpatient program. We offer high-end recovery services, a luxurious recovery environment, and continuous support and assistance throughout the rehab process and beyond.

Speak with our counselors at Stars Recovery Center about your payment and treatment options. We are ready to create a patient-oriented recovery program to help you rehabilitate fast and embrace sobriety in the long run. Choose to fight, and your life will never be the same!

Inpatient Treatment For Drugs Anaheim

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Inpatient Treatment For Drugs Anaheim

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