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Palliative Care Utah

Palliative Care Utah

We offer exceptional palliative care in Utah at Valeo Home Health & Hospice. Our team of highly experienced physicians, nurses, and social workers work closely with patients to help them lead a fulfilling retirement life.

How is hospice care financed?

In general, most insurance providers cover the cost of hospice care. Furthermore, Medicare, Medicaid, and some private insurances also offer coverage for palliative care. Make sure to talk to your hospice facility and your insurer to learn about the extent of the coverage.

The cost of hospice care can range from $5000 - $10,000 per month for inpatient stays, and this cost can increase or decrease based on the level of care you require. We offer extensive palliative care in Utah with the best medical team at affordable prices.

Providing comfort to a dying loved one

Although you can't stop the terminal illnesses from taking away your loved one from you, there are ways in which you can make them feel comfortable. One of the best ways to ensure that your senior or loved one is safe and comfortable is to get them home healthcare services or admit them at hospice care. If you choose to do it by yourself, here are some tips:

  • If your loved one refuses to eat or drink anymore, keep their mouth moist by giving them ice chips or by placing a sponge on their tongue from time to time.
  • If your loved one has labored breathing, turn their head to one side and place some pillows beneath their head. You may also use an oxygen humidifier or a cool-mist humidifier to improve breathing.
  • If a patient suffers from incontinence, use adult diapers or a pad or a catheter to keep them dry.

Furthermore, if they have cold hands and feet, turn up the heat in the room and wrap them with warm blankets. Most patients go through a brief period of energy surge and renewed vitality, which is normal shortly before dying. Use this time to say your final goodbyes and give them a good farewell.

Types of hospice care

Caring for a dying loved can be extremely challenging, especially when you are unprepared for what is to come. The two main types of end-of-life care include:

  • Home care - Most seniors and patients choose to spend their last few days at home. In such cases, you can hire home-based hospice services, where a nurse or home aide will take up the role of a caregiver and offer 24/7 medical supervision and support to your loved one.
  • Inpatient care - Some patients may feel safer at a facility where they have access to physicians, registered nurses, and therapists round-the-clock. Hospice facilities offer holistic treatment to patients, and they consistently try to ease the symptoms, relieve pain, and address patients' emotional, social, and psychological needs.

At Valeo Home Health & Hospice, we focus our treatments on reducing the symptoms and progression of the disease in patients under palliative care in Utah. We also offer home-based hospice care at affordable prices, call us today for more details.

Palliative Care Utah
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Palliative Care Utah
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Palliative Care Utah